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277: The Secret to Building a Better Blog

Hey there and welcome to episode 277 of the ProBlogger podcast. My name is Darren Rowse and I’m the founder of ProBlogger, which is a site for bloggers and prebloggers designed to help them to start and grow profitable blogs. You can learn more about ProBlogger and all we do over at In today’s
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The Best Way to Start a Blog in 2019

If you’ve been Googling how to start a blog, then I’m sure you’ve already come across many resources telling you how. And most of them are pretty much the same, as creating your first blog is just a matter of a few technical steps. We even have a “how to start a blog” right here. However,
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11 Ways to Make it Work

Is it okay to blog about a topic you’re not an expert on? Definitely. I wasn’t an expert blogger when I started ProBlogger, or an expert photographer when I started Digital Photography School. Even now I don’t consider myself an expert, especially with photography. When I started ProBlogger in 2004 I’d been blogging for a couple
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