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Mario creator Miyamoto counters cloud gaming hype (but don’t count Nintendo out) – TechCrunch

Cloud gaming — however a company chooses to define that — is shaping up to be a big part of the next generation of consoles and other platforms. But Mario creator and Nintendo veteran Shigeru Miyamoto says his company won’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon. Speaking to shareholders at Nintendo’s annual general
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we’re ‘evaluating’ streaming – TechCrunch

Game streaming loomed large as the biggest story of E3. Between Google’s Stadia news late last week, Microsoft’s Game Pass additions, a Ubisoft announcement and even the presence of Netflix, the writing is clearly on the wall. Nintendo, of course, has largely been absent from that conversation. No real surprise, really. The gaming company has
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‘Super Mario Bros.’ theme is a killer song for a gymnastics routine

Video game music is a largely (but not entirely!) untapped treasure trove for the gymnasts of the world. Brigham Young University gymnast Shannon Hortman-Evans took to the floor on Friday night to perform an impressive routine at a meet against the University of Utah — to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme. Unfortunately,
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