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Google, Mozilla team up to block Kazakhstan’s browser spying tactics – TechCrunch

Google and Mozilla have taken the rare step of blocking an untrusted certificate issued by the Kazakhstan government, which critics say it forced its citizens to install as part of an effort to monitor their internet traffic. The two browser makers said in a joint statement Wednesday it deployed “technical solutions” to block the government-issued
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Beats headphones, ASUS laptops, Eufy smart scales, Jabra earbuds, Amazon devices, and more on sale for Aug. 20 in the UK

Amazon’s “End of Summer Sale” starts on Aug. 22, which is both exciting and deeply sad. Yes, we’ll get some great deals, but surely we’re not giving up on summer just yet? Say it isn’t so. The sale hasn’t officially started yet, but Amazon has begun to drip-feed some early deals, to get everyone worked
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NASA and SpaceX practice Crew Dragon evacuation procedure with astronaut recovery vessel – TechCrunch

NASA and SpaceX continue their joint preparations for the eventually astronaut crew missions that SpaceX will fly for the agency, with a test of the emergency evacuation procedure for SpaceX’s GO Searcher seaborne ship. The ship is intended to be used to recover spacecraft and astronauts in an actual mission scenario, and the rehearsals this
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